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It’s All About the Food

Chef Chris Aerni, owner of the Rossmount Inn in Chamcook, NB, discusses his love of food and the importance of serving fresh, natural, local products like farmed Atlantic salmon from the East Coast of Canada.

Quality Assured – From Egg to Plate

Cooke Aquaculture's dedication to innovation and best practices have made this Canadian-based company an industry leader in salmon production. From its state-of-the-art fish hatcheries to its ocean farms and processing divisions, Cooke Aquaculture holds itself to a higher standard that includes certification by an accredited third-party.

On the Road to Sustainability

Sustainability is a commonly-used, maybe overused term these days. But at Cooke Aquaculture, a family-owned salmon farming company based on the East Coast of Canada, sustainability is part of the culture. It is a goal we strive for throughout our operations and aiming high helps us continually improve our practices.

Healthy Food, Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

Farming the sea is a relatively new concept in Atlantic Canada, where there's always been more than enough fish to catch. Not any more. Demand is on the rise and stocks are on the decline. And many have learned that farming is a chance to work on the water but still have supper with their family every evening.

Innovation: From Family Farm to Industry Leader

Innovation and integration have helped the family-owned Cooke Aquaculture evolve into one of the world's leading producers of farmed Atlantic salmon.