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Maine farmed Atlantic salmon for the President
Jan. 20, 2017

Cooke Statement on Fripur
Dec. 14, 2016

Cooke Aquaculture Acquires Processing Plant in Chile
Dec. 6, 2016

Cooke Statement on Fripur
Nov. 17, 2016

Atlantic salmon recovery program gains government support
Nov. 5, 2016

Related Link: CAST Website - Collaboration for Atlantic Salmon Tomorrow
Nov. 5, 2016

New global report highlights the role of land based farming systems for Atlantic salmon
Oct. 27, 2016

REPORT: The evolution of land based Atlantic salmon farms
Oct. 27, 2016

Cooke Aquaculture Scotland acquires Balta Island Seafare Ltd.
Sept. 6, 2016

Cooke Family Purchases Icicle Seafoods, Inc.
June 10, 2016

Shoreland Transport helps deliver relief to Alberta
May 9, 2016

Maine Farmed Salmon earns Seafood Watch "Good Alternative" rating
Maine Aquaculture Association, Feb. 4, 2016

Cooke Aquaculture statement on genetically-modified salmon
November 2015

Statement on Trans Pacific Partnership
Oct. 6, 2015

Cooke Aquaculture Scotland increases farming capacity in UK
July 30, 2015

True North Salmon now offering Four-Star BAP certified salmon
March 14, 2015


in the news

Community comes together to support St. George rink
CBC, Jan. 8, 2017

Major effort to save wild Atlantic salmon
CTV Atlantic, Oct. 12, 2016

Fundy National Park site of major salmon release
CBC New Brunswick, Oct. 12, 2016

First salmon producer certified under new two-year BAP group audit
Oct. 5, 2016

Grand Manan waters could help save Bay of Fundy salmon
NB Telegraph-Journal, June 21, 2016

Cooke Aquaculture named NB Exporter of the Year
NB Telegraph-Journal, June 2, 2016

Intrafish announces 2016 Person of the Year
Intrafish, April 27 2016

Cooke earns top spot in Progress 101 ranking
Atlantic Progress, Feb. 27 2016

Seafood Watch 'Good Alternative' rating a milestone for farmed salmon
Intrafish, Feb. 3, 2016

Dark Harbour project a new approach in salmon recovery
Saint Croix Courier, Jan. 22, 2016

VIDEO: Private Business Growth Award 2015 Finalist
December 1, 2015

Groups aim to make seafood a tailgate staple
Crain's Detroit Business, Oct. 25, 2015

Education clicks one block at a time with Lego Club
NB Telegraph-Journal, Oct. 20, 2015

Testing natural cleaners – Project to evaluate control of sea lice in farmed salmon
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL, Advertiser, Sept. 9, 2015

Aquaculture's growing impact hailed at industry awards
The Press and Journal, Aberdeen, Scotland, June 13, 2015

14.8 billion meals and 121,000 jobs
International Salmon Farmers Association Report, March 16, 2015

Living the life he dreamed about
Grand Falls-Windsor Advertiser, February 23, 2015

Parks Canada project aims to restore Inner Bay of Fundy stocks
Global News, October 16, 2014

Sustainable seafood dives into the mainstream, August 20, 2014

Sea of life
Progress Magazine, Vol. 21, No. 4

Growing certified organic kelp
CBC Radio - Home Grown August 1, 2014

Ice available for those without power
NB Telegraph-Journal, July 12, 2014

From summer job to success: Glenn Cooke
CBC Information Morning, July 9, 2014

PEAK SALMON: You won't believe where it comes from
Bloomberg TV May 23, 2014

Are farm-raised fish "peak" salmon's last hope?
Bloomberg TV May 23, 2014

Land-based aquaculture isn't commercially viable
CBC New Brunswick, April 30, 2014

New Brunswick should not be shunning global ambition
April 2, 2014

Professor uses robot to teach med class
NB Telegraph-Journal, March 26, 2014

'Dream Team' to offer advice on boosting region's economy
NB Telegraph-Journal, February 17, 2014

Unique Maine Farms visits Cooke Aquaculture, January, 2014

A.C. Covert joins fisheries sustainability group
Intrafish, December 18, 2013

OPINION: Clearly, research should support industry
The Chronicle Herald, November 26, 2013

Cameras, staff help keep feed costs down
The Telegram, October 4, 2013

OPINION: Local jobs, global responsibilities
The Chronicle Herald, July 29, 2013

An inside look at Cooke Aquaculture
Shelburne County Coast Guard, July 9, 2013

Embrace innovation: Glenn Cooke
Saint Croix Courier, July 2, 2013

A sea change in farming
NB Telegraph-Journal, June 27, 2013

Masters graduate marks milestone
Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland, May 29, 2013

OPINION: The spectre of Frankenfish
The Telegram (St. John's), May 21, 2013

In aquaculture discussion, stick to the facts, says former NL fisheries minister
The Fisheries Broadcast, May 21, 2013

Cooke Kidz Carnival attracts hundreds to Fundy Arena
Saint Croix Courier, May 14, 2013

VIDEO: True North Salmon earns Premier's Award for Energy Efficiency
May 13, 2013

Getting hooked on farmed salmon: A good source of Omega-3s
Agricultural Reporter, May-June 2013

African fish farmers use NB man's idea to turn profit
CBC, April 25, 2013

AC Covert launches fresh and responsible Jail Island Seafood brand
FIS Canada, April 15, 2013

The Reporter's Guide: Essential information about salmon pens
Urner Barry's Reporter, Spring 2013

Land-based salmon farm technology not viable: Minister
NB Telegraph-Journal, March 11, 2013

Cooke harvests first salmon from St. Mary's Bay site
The Chronicle Herald, March 9, 2013

Aquaculture is good for the community
Commentary, The Chronicle Herald, Dec. 21, 2012

Salmon farming has been good for N.B.
Commentary, NB Telegraph-Journal, Dec. 4, 2012

NB seaweed sought for anti-aging properties
CBC, Nov. 20, 2012

Mayor: Fish farming rejuvenated NL town's economy
The Chronicle Herald, Nov. 19, 2012

Undercover with the boss
The Chronicle Herald, Sept. 25, 2012

Jail Island brand to include haddock
The Chronicle Herald, Sept. 21, 2012

Cooke Aquaculture employees walking for their health
Courier Weekend, Sept. 7, 2012

Aquaculture alarmism
The Chronicle Herald, Voice of the People, Aug. 15, 2012

A few Cooke employees knew something was fishy about new "co-worker"
NB Telegraph-Journal, Aug. 15, 2012

Fish health veterinarian finds her niche in aquaculture
Saint Croix Courier, Aug. 14, 2012

Fish farming: The challenge is to do it better
Commentary – Halifax Chronicle Herald, Aug. 8, 2012

A new fishery ready to hatch
Special Report – Halifax Chronicle Herald, Aug. 7, 2012

Why we need to farm the oceans
Halifax Chronicle Herald, July 23, 2012

CEO publicly defends fish farming, July 23, 2012

Cutting Edge Chefs using Cooke Aquaculture salmon in culinary competition
Harvest on the Harbour, Portland Maine, July 20, 2012

Pilot project extracts energy from fish waste
NB Telegraph-Journal, June 20, 2012

American sailors rescued off Campobello Island
NB Telegraph-Journal, June 14, 2012

Hope for recovery on the Magaguadavic River
Saint Croix Courier, May 15, 2012

'They've done nothing wrong to me'
The Coaster, May 1, 2012

True North - Truly Fresher Salmon One Week Faster... One Week Fresher...
Better Living Television (link to video)

True North - Truly Fresher Salmon
Better Living Television (link to video)

Hard work, vision drives success of Cooke Aquaculture
Nova Scotia Business Journal Monthly - April 2012, Pages 8-18

Industry Spotlight: Canada's Best Managed Companies
Daily Business Buzz - Nova Scotia, April 2, 2012

Cooke Aquaculture again named one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies
Saint Croix Courier, March 9, 2012

3 Fishermen Plucked from Burning Boat
CBC, Feb. 8, 2012

Cooke upgrades filleting process
NB Telegraph-Journal, Jan. 17, 2012

New processing equipment up and running in Harbour Breton
The Coaster, Jan. 10, 2012

VIDEO: The best fish for heart health
Globe and Mail, Jan. 5, 2012 - Dietician Leslie Beck shares her tips on how to get enough fatty fish in your diet

VIDEO: Celebrating Sustainable Seafood
In June 2011, in Providence, RI, seafood pioneers from production to plate gathered to taste the future of sustainable seafood

IMTA - Upscaling the ecosystem approach to farming the sea
Aquaculture Europe, December 2011

Wave of volunteers responded to flood
Telegraph-Journal, December 14, 2011

Aquaculture Company Still Recovering from Flood
Saint Croix Courier, December 13, 2011

Courier Kudos - Cooke Donates to Food Bank
Saint Croix Courier, December 13, 2011

Companies make major donations to Newfoundland school projects
The Coaster, December 13, 2011

Swanger Cove Hatchery in Operation
The Coaster, December 6, 2011

A Visit to the Harbour Breton Processing Plant
CBC The Fisheries Broadcast, December 6, 2011

Unexpectedly strong salmon returns offer hope of recovery
Bangor Daily News, Oct. 3, 2011

Les Chefs visit Cooke Aquaculture (video)
Radio-Canada, Aug. 15, 2011

The south coast is hitting pay dirt with growing industry
The Telegram, July 20, 2011

Fish farm supporters reel in members
The Chronicle Herald, July 18, 2011