Products and Services

More and more consumers are looking to make healthy choices in their diet and lifestyles and are turning to salmon and salmon-related products. An important part of a well-balanced diet, farmed salmon is fresh, healthy and provides a good source of protein and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids.

Cooke and its family of companies offer a wide variety of premium quality fresh and smoked salmon products. Our subsidiary companies provide essential services to all areas of Cooke’s operations from cage construction, transportation and the production of feed.

  1. Fresh Salmon
  2. Smoked Salmon
  3. Cages and Related Services
  4. Transportation
  5. Fish Feeds

Fresh Salmon

Sold under the brands True North Salmon, Heritage Salmon and Jail Island Salmon, Cooke Aquaculture offers a wide range of products from fresh whole fish, fillets, portions, kabobs, and skewers. For more information on these products please visit or

Smoked Salmon

Only the freshest Atlantic salmon from the Bay of Fundy waters are selected to be cured and smoked slowly using our time honoured techniques. The result is a unique blend of flavours that appeals to today’s demanding consumer. Whether hot or cold smoked salmon products - patés, terrines and mousses - Cooke’s fully integrated processes, controlling the product from start to finish, ensures the best quality to the customer. For more information on these products please visit or

Cages and Related Services

Cooke provides a broad range of services that include net manufacturing, cage construction and repair; marine site construction and clothing and supplies for employees through its wholly-owned subsidiary, GMG Fish Services.

GMG’s cages and nets are designed to keep the fish in and the predators out. The materials used for net and cage construction are sturdy, durable and can withstand the potential damage from storms and open ocean conditions.

In addition to servicing internal requirements, GMG wholesales rope and marine supplies to local aquaculture and commercial fishing companies.


Shoreland Transport is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cooke Aquaculture. Its fleet of long haul tractors and trucks transfer Cooke Aquaculture’s fish from hatchery to cage site; cage site to processing plant; and from processing plant to the marketplace. This process guarantees the freshness of the products upon which Cooke Aquaculture’s reputation depends. The company’s trucks also transport premium moist products and its cranes are used to move nets and equipment.

Fish Feeds

Charlotte Feeds is a premium supplier of moist feed to the Cooke Aquaculture farms as well as to other salmon farming companies. Shipped daily to Cooke Aquaculture’s farming locations, only the freshest wholesome ingredients - herring, herring oil, meal, oil, minerals, vitamins and flour – are used to produce quality fish feed. In addition to servicing internal requirements, Charlotte Feeds sells a variety of bait products to regional crab and lobster fishermen.

Northeast Nutrition is a full production facility located in Truro, Nova Scotia with is own dedicated and trained staff.   With Sales, Service, Manufacturing, Procurement, Accounting, Nutrition and Quality Assurance professionals located directly on site, Northeast Nutrition is an important part of the growing Cooke Aquaculture family.

Northeast Nutrition manufactures and labels feed in compliance with the Canadian Feeds Act and the Canadian Feed Regulations.  Our plant is HACCP certified under the Canadian Feed Assure program, and undergoes annual third Party recertification audits.  

With an ongoing active Research and Development program focused on Ingredient Sustainability and optimized fish performance, Northeast ensures the diets meet the nutritional requirements of the fish, while at the same time making sure the diets are produced in the most sustainable and economical manner possible.