Cooke Aquaculture recognizes that vertical integration and growth are essential to being globally competitive. To achieve excellence in the fresh seafood business we have paid special attention to this principal of full integration and have incorporated divisions to cover the full value chain – from egg to plate.

Kelly Cove Salmon
Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd. LogoThe farming division, Kelly Cove Salmon is divided into the freshwater (land-based hatcheries) and saltwater (marine cage site) operations. Each of these companies monitor and take care of our fish right from spawning until they are ready for harvest (about three years).

In North America, Cooke Aquaculture operates 15 freshwater hatcheries including a brand new, state-of-the-art recirculation facility in St. Alban's, NL. The flagship facility is the Oak Bay Hatchery in New Brunswick where the company's broodstock program is based. The broodstock fish are selected from among the best performing families and are spawned to create the next generation of Cooke fish.

Cooke Aquaculture has about 100 marine farm sites off the coasts of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Maine, however at least one third of those farms or more are empty at any given time. This is because our industry has adopted trusted agricultural practices such as crop rotation and fallowing to ensure our operations are sustainable and our environment remains healthy for generations to come.

True North Salmon
True North Salmon Company LogoThe Processing and Marketing division, True North Salmon covers the harvesting, processing and sales side of the operations through the brands True North Salmon, Heritage Salmon and Jail Island Seafood.

GMG Fish Services Ltd.
GMG Fish Services Ltd. LogoThe equipment manufacturing, repair and sales operation division, GMG Fish Services covers the building and maintenance of our cages that we use on our ocean sites as well as sales of cages and related services to a small customer base.

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Shoreland Transport 
Shoreland Transport LogoTaking care of the transportation of our product to the marketplace is an integral part of our supply management plan. That is why we own and operate our own trucking company, Shoreland Transport. In running our own transportation company we are able to ensure our product is truly taken care of from egg to plate. Shoreland's "backhaul" program also delivers goods back to Atlantic Canada. After our fish is delivered to market, our trucks load up on fresh produce or other products for the return trip home. CONTACT: Kim Barry, Traffic Manager/Fleet Dispatcher, 506-755-1768, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Charlotte Feeds & Northeast Nutrition
Charlottefeed and Northeast Nutrition LogosVital links in the integration chain are our feed mills, Charlotte Feeds and Northeast Nutrition Inc. Only recently added to our supply chain management, these companies allow us to monitor exactly what goes into our fish feed to ensure that we are giving you the product your family truly deserves.